ICT-VentureGate is an FP7 project that aims to faclitate financing of attractive ICT SMEs, which have participated in the Sixth and/or Seventh Framework Programs and are seeking sources of venture capital to commercialise the results of their R&D activities. It is working on the creation of innovative solutions to enable efficient interactions between SMEs in the Framework’s ICT projects and innovation investors, such as business angels and venture capital investors. These activities are coordinated and synergistic with the complementary activities of the ICT-Finance Market Place cluster.

ICT VentureGate on video!

The ICT VentureGate team is glad to present you a set of videos created to present the project activities and results:




  • ICT  VentureGate teaser, a short video on ICT Venture Gate aims and final Brokerage event in Rome. Play the video.
  • Video on ICT Venture Gate final Brokerage Event held in Rome on 1st-2nd December 2011 aimed at promotion of private investments in high tech ICT SMEs. Play the video.
  • Interview with the winner SME of the Award for the best presenter in each ICT VentureGate parallel session. Play the video.

Rome Brokerage Event, 1-2 December 2011

Rome Brokerage Event was held the 1-2 December 2011!

The ICT VentureGate team invited European SMEs and Investors to attend ther Final ICT VentureGate Brokerage event associated to the "European Forum for Innovation 2011 – Defining Innovation", 1-2 December 2011 in Rome (Italy).

After thematic discussions, the ICT SMEs were coached by European experts in order to prepare and improve their presentations. The next day, the same SMEs presented their projects to European private investors for eventual investor interest and take-up. Consult the agenda: click here.


You are an SMEs: click here to view the full invitation.

You are a private investor:  click here to view the full invitation.


Consult the catalogue of project ideas: click here